In 2019, with funding from Creative Ireland, Creative Frame hosted a programme of masterclasses over two weekends with artists Aideen Barry; Marie Brett; Siobhán Clancy; Mike McLoughlin; Deirdre O'Mahony; John Scott; Mark Storor; and Kate Wilson.


Following that programme Leitrim County Council worked with Siobhán Clancy on what would become the foundation for this toolkit, which has continued to be developed by Philip Delamere and Leslie Ryan at Leitrim County Council and Siobhán Clancy at Cork City Council in consultation with Marie Brett; George Higgs; Michael McLoughlin; Deirdre O'Mahony; Seoidín O’Sullivan and Kate Wilson.

In tandem with the development of the toolkit, Cork City and Leitrim local authorities have worked with these six artists to develop a series of workshops on Social Practice that will be delivered on-line with artists from the two regions in 2020-2021. A series of case study videos will also be developed and included here as part of the toolkit. 

Creative Frame was established in 2014 by Leitrim County Council’s Arts Office and Local Enterprise Office as a professional development network for the creative sector in Leitrim and the wider region. The network is aimed at professional and emerging practitioners across the creative sector and coordinates a year-round programme of seminars, training and mentoring activities for its 350 members while its website offers a forum for discussion and exchange and repository of other professional development resources. Creative Frame is funded by Leitrim County Council, Leitrim Local Enterprise Office and The Arts Council.