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Group Management

Group Contract

This is a project tool rather than a formal contract. It is a group agreement that should be drafted in collaboration with participants prior to or the commencement of any activities. By inputting into the agreement, participants are typically more invested in the project as a result. 

Workshop Plan

The format of a workshop plan should give personnel all the information they need in order to facilitate/direct activities including materials needed, time allocated and method of facilitation.

Materials Checklist

A materials checklist allows personnel to gather all materials and tools necessary for activities. This can be included in a workshop plan. However, for ease of checking, it is advised that a standalone copy be made so that items gathered can be ticked off.

Sample Materials Checklist

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Incident Form

It is advisable, particularly when working with children and vulnerable adults, to keep a note of any incidents that occur in the course of the activities. Each incident report should include the date, location and personnel on site as well as notes on incidents that occurred. In case an issue arises later, this resource can be referred to.

Venue Agreement

While a venue may often be a core stakeholder in a project, a venue of some sort will almost always be required in a project and a written agreement of what is planned and expected is highly recommended. This agreement can be drafted with the venue liaison person to serve as a reference point for all parties on a) what the venue commits to providing and by when (such as wheelchair accessible toilets, chairs, loan of a projector, catering, publicity etc.) and b) what the project personnel commit to do and by when (notify the venue of cancellation, clean areas after use etc.) The agreement can be reviewed by both parties before confirming a booking.

Sample Venue Agreement

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